* Introduction – Art and Fear

While this introduction is a very short entry into the book, it says an awful lot about what is going to be coming up in, not only the book Art and Fear, but also what you, as an AP studio art student (or artist in general), may have already experienced during the course of making art and will, no doubt, face the rest of your life as an artist.

You have been challenged this year and maybe realized that “good art gets made all the time” and is not something that only gets made when you feel the inspiration by a muse or the lightning bolt shot down to you by some greater “ART” power than yourself. You have all experienced difficulties like “What type of materials should I use?”, “What will make this a better composition?”, “Why can’t I make art that looks like so-and-so’s?”, and “What in the world am I suppose to do for a concentration?” These types of questions (and a MILLION other questions) are ones that all people face and are forced to deal with. It is also important to understand that these are questions that face all people, not just artists.

Lastly, this book, and the comments and questions you will all raise, might just help you to discover or rediscover what it is to find “your own voice” in your art. As an artist, I make art that is specifically mine. “Oh look, that’s a Frank Korb original! I wish I could be as clever and talented, not to mention handsome and witty as he is.” While it is flattering to have students make artwork that is similar to mine, it is also boring for that student to make art that is similar to mine.

So… here we go… onward to Art and Fear – Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking.

– FKorb

Audio Version of the Chapters is Here.

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